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Big Watches Are Popular

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Most Timex watches are 0 and under, with the majority of watches in this article being priced at under 0. Many of these are part of the Timex Originals collection or other lines that offer contemporary timepieces with a very of a retro flair. Even the ubiquitous Timex Easy Reader is getting more treatment as Timex has celebrated the king of dorky watches by offering them in new colors and materials. I never thought I'd enjoy wearing a sub-0 watch with a name called "Easy Reader" as much. My favorite is at the top of this post with the black case and tan leather strap.

My favorite part of the Paul Newman Daytona story refers to the indeterminable nature of collecting. People today strive hard to predict what will become a collector's item - and that is really hard to do. When this watch and its kin came out, they were most sales failures. There are a few reasons for this, mostly due to the style and the movement. In the 1960s you had automatic chronographs coming out on the market - and everyone wanted one. So this watch that had a reliable, but manually-wound chronograph wasn't appealing. There is a also a reason the Ref. 6241 has what people call the "Exotic Dial." Few Rolex timepieces have dials with this style and it was a unique design for the brand. Today people generally agree that the look and feel of this (supposedly) race-themed dial is a classic.

High-Speed MOMO Design Time

As SIHH each year Jaeger-LeCoultre is on my short list of brands that I am very excited to see. Their booth isn't design by people who work at Universal Studios, and their watches are cool creations that real people might actually wear. This applies to both their reasonably priced pieces and more exotic fare like this new version of the Duometre called the Spherotourbillon. For us Americans I have removed the assortment of accents marks in the words which add in that Frenchy flavor you get when JLC themselves to pronounce the name for you.

Material                             Polished 18K white gold

For me the design quickly becomes appealing as you begin to identify its values. This is about an expression of technique and industrial design. A good start is to look at the tourbillon bridge. It is formed out of a single piece of steel that has a bar through the middle and angular segments on the side. Simple? Sure, but to achieve that each needs to be delicately hand polished as this is a technique I don't think that most machines can accomplish.

London Speedmaster GTG Photo Report

I caught up with Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Christophe Babin to discuss their newest and most precise chronograph watch ever, the Mikrogirder 2000. You might have realized that each 8 months or so Tag Heuer seems to be coming out with a new super chronograph that apparently defies the laws of physics and horology. The ever-charming CEO is a cool guy and has lots of street cred with me for knowing, in pretty intimate detail, the science behind the watch and what Guy Semon's team at Tag Heuer needed to overcome to make the bloody 5/10,000th of a second chronograph work.

Hublot Oceanographic 4000 M Diver Hands-On Hands-On

Inside the BR 01-92 is a Swiss ETA 2892-2 automatic movement. Most BR 01 watches make it very clear which movement is inside of them. The BR 01-94 for example has a 2894 automatic chronograph movement while the BR 01-97 has a 2897 automatic with power reserve movement, and so forth. A number of brands out there use basic ETA movements and try to disguise the caliber names with their own lexicon. Bell & Ross seems to have little interest in this practice and I applaud them for focusing on what counts. They are not a watch movement maker but a watch maker. They use reliable industry tested movements inside watches of their own design, and don't mean to confuse anyone in the process.

OMEGA Speedmaster Pro 145.012-67

The watch contains an Hublot caliber HUB1404 automatic with the time and date. Legibility is ensured by the super large hands and hour markers. Both models have lots of lume, while the titanium model is clearly going to be the one you want to use if you are actually diving. Hublot's signature stealth look is fun, but makes for a poor design when trying to read a watch in the murky depths.

Inside the pieces is a very special in-house movement called the MR-3. It seems as though the name is  same for both the subsidiary seconds dial version and the chronograph model. The movement is made in-house by Ellicott and features a periphery (they like to call it a circumferential) rotor that is in 18k gold. The rotor goes around the side of the movement so that you can appreciate it with an unobscured view. Ellicott claims that their movement is the first of its kind (in gold...). It came out about the same time as the Carl. F. Bucherer A1000. To be honest, I have no idea whose movement came out first. I see a feud 'a comin.

Speedmaster Lunar Dust 311.

Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Hublot To Offer Scratch Resistant "Magic Gold" Watches Watch Releases

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Breguet Réveil du Tsar Enamel Dial Watch

Breguet Réveil du Tsar Enamel Dial Watch

OMEGA Speedmaster Mark V Reference 376.0806

Black hand-stitched alligator strap with 18K white gold & titanium custom designed deployment buckle

Elysee Classic Aviator Automatic 71003 Watch Review

Elysee Classic Aviator Automatic 71003 Watch Review

Inside the watch is a Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement which is basically the same as an ETA 2824. Marvin always tends to do straps rather well and the one on this Malton 160 Cushion is no different. It is a perforated leather, in green, with a red lining. When is a watch like this a good idea aside from St. Patrick's day? And when you want to be a frog prince? Green has been working its way back "in" and I think that you could pull this watch off in a number of casual occasions.

Ebel Classic 100 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Omega Speedmaster Transitional - Balazs' Story

Armida regulates their watches before they ship, and the results are good. This one keeps time better than any watch I've seen, running under 1/2 second per day slow! Personally, unless you really want a beater, I'd recommend the ETA over the Miyota as the 8215 is less accurate and doesn't hack. The Miyota is, however, built to survive very rough treatment and years of no service.

Longines Master Collection Retrograde Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Uniform Wares is certainly a watch brand worth looking into if the terms "modern, minimalist, contemporary, European, or understated" are terms you want associated with your wrist wear and overall look. Their watches have simple numeric names and very simple designs that at the same time don't skimp on style or detailing. For review here is the Uniform Wares 250 Series watch (specifically model reference # 251/SG-01).

Speedy Tuesday – Gold Speedmaster Overview Continued (1995 - now)

Armida A2 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In 2012 at Baselworld Hublot will be releasing a new collection of watches that utilize Magic Gold. I don't know how much it will cost compared to standard 18k gold, and whether or not Hublot will be replacing all of its current gold watches with Magic gold. I anticipate that it will have a premium associated with it for at least a few years. Wait until closer to March 2012 for more Hublot Magic Gold watch products.

Watch What-If: Bell & Ross BR01 Heritage

Watch What-If: Bell & Ross BR01 Heritage

George Clooney Wears A Gold Speedmaster in Money Monster

The watch itself has a 47mm wide steel case that has been all beat-up in true Artya fashion. Inside of it, is a Swiss automatic movement. The strap is said to be Kevlar. Overall, I like the watch, and the political comment is interesting. Though, it would have been cool to cut out numerals from the currency "if possible" and use them as the hour markers. Available on Artya's website, price for the watch is 5,900 Swiss Francs. Final message from Artya on the Bye Bye Euro watch - " Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Papandreou and Merkel are invited to buy one in order to remember their dreams." www.artya.com

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 90

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 90

MARCH LA.B AM 1 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

- microblasted and hand-drawn surfaces

Invitation: OMEGA x Fratello Watches Speedy Tuesday Event At The OMEGA Museum in Bienne

The Sparc MGS is unique and fun. It also looks like a decent daily wear for those who are techies with good taste. I overall am happy to see Ventura's return and look forward to all that will come next. Price for the Ventura Sparc MGS is said to be about ,500 when it is available soon.


  • Calibre B01 / Patented "Upside Down"
  • Complication developed by Ludovic Ballouard
  • Manual winding
  • Power reserve / Approximately 40 hours
  • Balance frequency / 21,600 bph/3hz.
  • Number of jewels / 51
  • Number of components / 228 (movement only)
  • Diameter / 35mm/15.5 lignes

The 2011 Royal Oak Offshore isn't just about dial changes, but it is also about case and material changes, as well as a new movement. The case is still 44mm wide, but now comes in either steel, 18k pink gold, or Audemars Piguet's forged carbon (yay!). The bezels are all ceramic, with brushed tops and polished sides. Ceramic not only looks cool for the bezels, but is also durable and highly scratch resistant offering people the longevity they should expect out of such a high-end watch. I don't think Audemars Piguet will ever return to steel bezels for any of its ROO watches.